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Funny Cats and Dogs Video Compilation!

Nowadays , cats are among the most popular animal you can own. There are many breeds available, the most popular are Persian and Siamese. Cats are a domesticated animal, with origins dating back some 8,000 years and beyond.
Although Cats do require some effort , they are great pets that will provide you with years and years of friendship. As long as you take care of your cat and take him to the vet for his checkups, he should remain healthy. Even though Cats can get sick from time to time – knowing how to care for him will make a world of difference.

Humans have always had a strong relationship with cats and dogs, In the 1990s, Cats were shared by e-mail since the internet's rise to prominence. A scientific survey done found that the contributors were happier after watching funny cat videos.

The researcher behind the survey explained:

"If we want to better understand the effects the Internet may have on us as individuals and on society, then researchers can't ignore Internet cats anymore" and "consumption of online cat-related media deserves empirical attention" .
The IU Bloomington commented:
"[It] does more than simply entertain; it boosts viewers' energy and positive emotions and decreases negative feelings".

As anyone with a weirdo funny pet knows, they can be extremely weird animals. How weird?
Is your pet weirder than this? Share with us, your own story in the comments below.

Jacob Tschetter, mixologist

Every night when I’m deep asleep, my kitten Gollum will come up and sit on my chest and, as per my partner, she will stare at me for at least 30 minutes. If I don’t wake up she will begin to burrow into my beard. If that doesn’t wake me she will begin to nibble on my nose. I’m fairly certain that she is trying to see if it’s okay to eat me.😂😂😂

Nicole, London

I have a chihuahua puppy who is always super-charged and once did something terrible on my friend’s three-year-old in the middle of Starbucks. You can imagine. He couldn’t help it, it just happens if he’s excited over attention, food etc. It was so embarrassing. The vet did say he would improve after neutering but it never happened.

Josh Fruhlinger, writer, editor and Comics Curmudgeon

I had a cat once who would wake me up every morning just a minute or two before my alarm went off by tapping me on the mouth with his paw. Not that hard, but not that gentle either, with his claws extended just a tiny bit. “Hey, time for breakfast, bud.” My next cat, I started feeding at night.

Charlotte, Birmingham

We were walking our family dog and he spotted a family having a picnic. Before we’d even realized what he was up to, he’d rampaged onto their blanket, stolen the sandwich from their toddler’s hand and was merrily devouring whatever was in their hamper by the time we even reached him!

Peter Sterne, a reporter at Politico Media

My cat, Hunter, loves to play with crumpled paper, and I guess he thinks my wastebasket is a box of toys for him. Whenever I crumple up a paper and throw it out, he’ll dive into the basket to get it, usually knocking over the basket and spilling out all the trash in the process.

Michelle, Bexley

Used to have a funny dog that would escape the garden to a nearby field, roll in manure then return and hide behind the sofa, thus smearing the manure along the wall and back of the sofa.

Lauren Kelley, online politics editor at Rolling Stone

Our funny cat starts howling super early each morning, in pursuit of breakfast. One morning we woke up at 5:30 am not to the sound of him meowing, but to someone telling a story. Extremely loudly. In our living room. Turns out he had walked across my laptop, turned on a Moth podcast, and cranked the volume all the way up. We were annoyed, but also kind of amused – until the next morning, when he did the exact same thing. Now I close my laptop before going to bed.

Gill, Worcester

My funny dog Bailey ran over to some lads playing football, peed on his rucksack then stole his Pepperami and ran off. When I first had him at one year old, I decided to take him to training classes but he terrorized the other dogs 😱. They refused to accept him in the normal class and he had to go to the class for badly behaved dogs. Should have called him ASBO.😂

Jennifer Kho, Guardian US managing editor

When we first brought home our pit bull, Daily, a few years ago, we were wondering how our cats would react. One of our cats, Stringer, went right up to Daily and stuck his head in her big mouth.😂 She backed away, looking shocked. But for weeks, whenever she would yawn nearby, Stringer would put his head in her mouth.😂 Over the next year, he met other dogs, but didn’t do it; but then, a year later, a friend brought her pit bull to visit for a play date. Before we even noticed Stringer was in the room, he’d run over and stuck his head in the surprised dog’s mouth.😂😆😆

Fiona, senior content manager at Pets at Home

When I was about eight weeks pregnant and before I told anyone I was in a meeting with a colleague, Angie, and her dog, Chesney. Although our pets often come to meetings with us, I’d never spent much time around Chesney, so I was quite surprised when he snuggled up to me.😮 Angie was a bit embarrassed and kept trying to remove Chesney, but he would just cuddle up again. When the meeting was over, Angie told a mutual colleague that Chesney had a history of snuggling up to pregnant women. I announced my pregnancy a few weeks later, Angie said she was so glad she had told our colleague about Chesney’s super-sense because otherwise, no one would have believed her. The hormonal changes must have made me smell different to Chesney. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends and family; it’s now my favorite work story!😊

Caroline Kenney

Pre-cellphones and even pre-cordless phones, Seymour, our tuxedo cat, loved phones so much that he’d answer them.😮 More than once, a friend told us that they heard a chirpy meow instead of the standard ‘hello’ when they called.😂😆😆

Steve, Worcestershire

Growing up, we had an extremely naughty Staffie 🐶 called Roady. He would eat pretty much anything given to him 😂 but seemed to have a stomach of iron. His first trip to the vets as a pup was because he had eaten an 18-inch long rubber tube and needed to have emergency surgery.😮 Another time, after a long day at work, my mum bought our dad a kebab for his tea. Famished as he was, dad had literally just put the fork to his mouth as the doorbell went. The plate went down, but Roady 🐶 was (thankfully) on his bed. In the time it took my dad to answer the door and come back through the hall, Roady had completely obliterated the plate full of food.😂😆 Dad said it was even funnier because of the way Roady’s legs were moving faster than ever 😂 but they just slipped on the carpet in cartoon fashion.

Faith Rowold

My funny cat 🐱, Hannah, does not like being picked up. I still do it occasionally, but I usually only get a few seconds of snuggles before she squirms away. The reason I don’t press my luck is because a couple of years ago when a bunch of friends came over for my first NYC birthday party, a friend of mine either forgot or disregarded my warning and Hannah expressed her displeasure (via her anal glands) all over my friend’s shirt.😂😂😆 Fast forward to a few months ago, right after daylight saving time started. Hannah can’t tell time, so suddenly her 6 am breakfast call became 5 am. Clamoring around on the bed, pawing my face, meowing to wake the dead, I couldn’t handle it. Without thinking about which end of the cat was pointed at me, I pushed her away and immediately regretted it. Hannah had expressed her displeasure directly in my face. Hannah got an automatic feeder the next day.😂

Chris, Oxford

Our old funny dog 🐶 was too lazy to walk from the living room to the back door so he used to jump in and out the living room window.😂 This was fine until he forgot where he was and jumped out of my sister’s second-floor window.😮😮 Luckily he managed to land on the roof and sat there shaking like a leaf 😂 until we were able to get a ladder and rescue him.😂

Kristi, Midlands

My funny Labrador🐶 Holly was a bit of a hooligan when she was a pup. I was walking her once and she spotted a class doing a boot camp style workout in the next field in the middle of doing press-ups at the time. Holly thought it looked like great fun and charged over jumping on top of the people doing the press-ups.😂😂 Most of them laughed but the leader in the military-style outfit didn’t look amused.😆

Michelle Dean, author, and editor

My hilarious cat🐱, Liberty, licks the shower 😂 after I get out in the morning – like, hops into the tub and cleans it. She does it nearly every morning. I cannot dissuade her.

Ceren, North London

My derpy dog Lola🐶 once stole a bottle of water from a group of people enjoying a lovely picnic spread in Victoria Park in the summer.😂 Barkley once stole a football from a group of young boys playing football in the local park.😂 He punctured it with his teeth 😮😂 so my dad had to give them a tenner to get a new one. So yeah, my dogs steal stuff.

Rachel Perrone, communications director at RH Reality Check

My hilarious cat🐱 was in the garage while my step-father was winterizing the cars, so we were concerned that she’d gotten God only knows what automotive fluids on her.😮😂 I gave her a bit of a bath and, not surprisingly, she was so mad. Hours later, still damp, she came and sat in my lap, and I thought she’d forgiven me. Nope – she peed on me.😂

Lisa, Leamington Spa

I was taking my dog to his monthly veterinary appointment and left myself plenty of time for the journey (it’s a Friday night, rush hour etc). I arrived at my destination pleased there was very little traffic and we had plenty of time to spare – too much time in fact. Anyway, because I’m early I figure I’ll take him inside in the hope they could possibly see him earlier than scheduled. We walk into the familiar, cozy, little waiting room thrilled to find it empty and blindly ignoring the confused looks and furrowed brows of the receptionists. Up I go with a cheery ‘Hello, I know we’re early but…’ to be greeted by a wall of silence. Still, the penny didn’t drop. Not until the massive grinning face of my very own GP appears around the corner do I realize I haven’t taken Bucky the 15 miles to his vets but taken him the four miles to my own doctor’s surgery.😮😂 I just about managed to stutter ‘Oh bollocks’ before being escorted back to my car by my GP who is practically on his knees laughing.

David Plotz, CEO of Atlas Obscura

One of my hilarious funny cats eats earwax.😂 She will capture an earbud and lick it clean. She will even try to lick it out of my ears.😂 It’s a truly bizarre habit.

Rebecca Roth

Two years ago I was in the basement when I saw our funny hilarious cat, Luna, going into the only room in the basement that isn’t fully furnished and doesn’t have a litter box. She only goes in the basement for one purpose, and so, anxious not to have my house smell like cat pee, I followed her in case she did something very naughty. Instead, I watched as she squatted, arranged herself carefully over the drain in the floor and peed. No smell, no mess – and no litter.😂😂😂

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