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How to Manage a Cranky Cat? Do you have a weird cat?

Just like us, cats all have their own distinct characters. Some are very sweet and laid-back, and others can be, well, a bit cantankerous. If you have a cranky little cat in your house, read these tips from an expert vet about dealing with cranky cats.
  1. Veterinary Care: First of all, be sure that there isn’t a medical problem behind your cat dour attitude. 
  2. Triggers: Try to identify things that trigger kitty's bad moods. Loud noises, dogs, strangers, other cats... 
  3. Fear: Give your cat lots of safe hiding places to retreat to if she feels scared. 
  4. Stimulation: Make sure you are offering your cat plenty of stimulation. Give your cat plenty of fun toys to take her aggression out on. 
  5. Avoid Punishment: Cats don’t understand punishment. so never punish your cat for misbehaving, your kitty may not even understand why she’s being punished. Ignore bad behavior, and offer Fluffy toys and treats when she’s being good. 
  6. Go With The Flow: Try to recognize and identify some of the telltale signs of feline anger. These include hissing, flattened ears, growling, and a lashing tail. 
If you see any of these caution signs, just walk away and leave the cat alone until he calms down.
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