Funny cat refuses to be kissed by a human Funpetvid

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Do Cats Like Kisses?

Does your cat love to be kissed by you? Some cats do seem to like or at least endure human kisses. If your cat purrs, leans in, and rubs his head on you when you kiss him, he possibly recognize that you're trying to show him your love and feeling.
Nevertheless, if your cat's ears gets back, evade away from you, he begins to moves his tail back and forth, hisses, or scratch you, he doesn't want to be kissed.
Cats use body language to show you their love. The slow eye wink is a big way for cats to say "I love you." This is equal to a human kiss, but it's done from across the room rather than with actual physical contact.
Cats rub on your body to marking you as their own. so rubbing on you is their way of showing you love.
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